Birds of New Guinea
Sub Judul / by Thane K. Pratt, Bruce M. Beehler.
Call Number 598.0995 PRA
Tahun Terbit 2015
Penerbit Princeton University Press
Pengarang PRATT, Thane K. - BEEHLER, Bruce M.
Subyek Aves (Birds)--New Guinea ; Burung-- New Guinea
Deskripsi This is the completely revised edition of the essential field guide to the birds of New Guinea. The world's largest tropical island, New Guinea boasts a spectacular avifauna characterized by cassowaries, megapodes, pigeons, parrots, cuckoos, kingfishers, and owlet-nightjars, as well as an exceptionally diverse assemblage of songbirds such as the iconic birds of paradise and bowerbirds. Birds of New Guinea is the only guide to cover all 780 bird species reported in the area, including 366 endemics. Expanding its coverage with 111 vibrant color plates—twice as many as the first edition—and the addition of 635 range maps, the book also contains updated species accounts with new information about identification, voice, habits, and range. A must-have for everyone from ecotourists to field researchers, Birds of New Guinea remains an indispensable guide to the diverse birds of this remarkable region.
BIOTECHNOLOGY of bioactive compounds: sources and applications
Sub Judul / edited by Vijai Kumar Gupta, Maria G. Tuohy.
Call Number 660 BIO
Tahun Terbit 2015
Penerbit Wiley Blackwell
Pengarang - GUPTA, Vijai Kumar ; TUOHY, Maria G.
Subyek Bioactive compounds--Biotechnology ; Senyawa bioaktif - Bioteknologi
Deskripsi Bioactive compounds play a central role in high-value product development in the chemical industry. Bioactive compounds have been identified from diverse sources and their therapeutic benefits, nutritional value and protective effects in human and animal healthcare have underpinned their application as pharmaceuticals and functional food ingredients. The orderly study of biologically active products and the exploration of potential biological activities of these secondary metabolites, including their clinical applications, standardization, quality control, mode of action and potential biomolecular interactions, has emerged as one of the most exciting developments in modern natural medicine.
The SAGE Handbook of Grounded Theory
Sub Judul / edited by Anthony Bryant, Kathy Charmaz.
Call Number 300.72 SAG
Tahun Terbit 2010
Penerbit Sage Publications
Pengarang - BRYANT, Anthony ; CHARMAZ, Kathy
Subyek Grounded theory--Social sciences--Research--Methodology ; Teori Beralas--Ilmu Sosial--Penelitian--Metodologi
INTERDISCIPLINARY mechatronics: engineering science and research development
Sub Judul / edited by Maki K. Habib, J. Paolo Davim.
Call Number 621 INT
Tahun Terbit 2013
Penerbit John Wiley
Pengarang - HABIB, Maki K.
Subyek Mechatronics ; Mekatronika
Deskripsi Mechatronics represents a unifying interdisciplinary andintelligent engineering science paradigm that features aninterdisciplinary knowledge area and interactions in terms of theways of work and thinking, practical experiences, and theoreticalknowledge. Mechatronics successfully fuses (but is not limited to)mechanics, electrical, electronics, informatics and intelligentsystems, intelligent control systems and advanced modeling, intelligent and autonomous robotic systems, optics, smartmaterials, actuators and biomedical and biomechanics, energy andsustainable development, systems engineering, artificialintelligence, intelligent computer control, computationalintelligence, precision engineering and virtual modeling into aunified framework that enhances the design of products andmanufacturing processes. Interdisciplinary Mechatronics concerns mastering amultitude of disciplines, technologies, and their interaction, whereas the science of mechatronics concerns the invention anddevelopment of new theories, models, concepts and tools in responseto new needs evolving from interacting scientific disciplines. Thebook includes two sections, the first section includes chaptersintroducing research advances in mechatronics engineering, and thesecond section includes chapters that reflects the teachingapproaches (theoretical, projects, and laboratories) and curriculumdevelopment for under- and postgraduate studies. Mechatronicsengineering education focuses on producing engineers who can workin a high-technology environment, emphasize real-world hands-onexperience, and engage in challenging problems and complex taskswith initiative, innovation and enthusiasm.
MATERIALS and acoustics handbook
Sub Judul / edited by Michel Bruneau, Catherine Potel.
Call Number 620.2 MAT
Tahun Terbit 2009
Penerbit John Wiley
Pengarang - BRUNAEAU, Michel ; POTEL, Catherine
Subyek Acoustical engineering--Handbook, etc. ; Teknik akustik--Buku pegangan, dll.
Deskripsi Written by a group of acoustics and vibration specialists, this book studies the acoustic and vibrating phenomena that occur in diverse materials used for all kinds of purposes. The first part studies the fundamental aspects of propagation: analytical, numerical and experimental. The second part outlines industrial and medical applications. Covering a wide range of topics that associate materials science with acoustics, this will be of invaluable use to researchers, engineers, or practitioners in this field, as well as students in acoustics, physics, and mechanics.
Wnzymes in food technology
Sub Judul / edited by Robert J. Whitehurst and Maarten van Oort
Call Number 664.024 ENZ
Tahun Terbit 2010
Penerbit Wiley-Blackwell
Pengarang - WHITEHURST, Robert J ; OORT, Maarten van
Subyek Food technology
Deskripsi The second edition of this successful book highlights the widespread use of enzymes in food processing improvement and innovation, explaining how they bring advantages. The properties of different enzymes are linked to the physical and biochemical events that they influence in food materials and products, while these in turn are related to the key organoleptic, sensory and shelf life qualities of foods. Fully updated to reflect advances made in the field over recent years, new chapters in the second edition look at the use of enzymes in the reduction of acrylamide, in fish processing and in non-bread cereal applications such as flour confectionery. Genetic modification of source organisms (GMO) has been used to improve yields of purer enzymes for some time now but the newer technology of protein engineering (PE) of enzymes has the potential to produce purer, more targeted products without unwanted side activities, and a chapter is also included on this important new topic. Authors have been selected not only for their practical working knowledge of enzymes but also for their infectious enthusiasm for the subject. The book is aimed at food scientists and technologists, ingredients suppliers, geneticists, analytical chemists and quality assurance personnel.
Ethics and the craft
Sub Judul / by John J. Coughlin
Call Number 745.01 COU
Tahun Terbit 2015
Penerbit Waaning Moon Publications
Pengarang COUGHLIN, John J. -
Subyek Religius ;Decorative arts
Deskripsi The History, Evolution, and Practice of Wiccan Ethics provides ground breaking research into the history of ethics in the Wiccan religion and how they have propagated and changed over time. The book also includes a discourse on ethical thinking for Wiccans and Pagans.
The SAGE handbook of the 21st century city
Sub Judul / edited by Suzanne Hall, Ricky Burdett.
Call Number 307.760905 SAG
Tahun Terbit 2018
Penerbit Sage Publications
Pengarang - HALL, Suzanne ; BURDETT, Ricky
Subyek Urbanization--Urban policy ; Urbanisasi - Kebijakan Urban
Deskripsi This book focuses on the dynamics and disruptions of the contemporary city in relation to capricious processes of global urbanisation, mutation and resistance. An international range of scholars engage with emerging urban conditions and inequalities in experimental ways, speaking to new ideas of what constitutes the urban, highlighting empirical explorations and expanding on contributions to policy and design. The handbook is organised around nine key themes, through which familiar analytic categories of race, gender and class, as well as binaries such as the urban/rural, are readdressed.
Birds of New Guinea: distribution, taxonomy and systematics
Sub Judul / by Bruce M. Beehler and Thane K. Pratt
Call Number 598.0095 BIR
Tahun Terbit 2016
Penerbit Princeton University Press
Pengarang - BEEHLER, Bruce M.and PRATT, Thane K.
Subyek Aves (Birds)
Deskripsi New Guinea, the largest tropical island, supports a spectacular bird fauna characterized by cassowaries, megapodes, pigeons, parrots, kingfishers, and owlet-nightjars, as well as the iconic birds of paradise and bowerbirds. Of the nearly 800 species of birds recorded from New Guinea, more than 350 are found nowhere else on Earth. This comprehensive annotated checklist of distribution, taxonomy, and systematics of the birds of New Guinea is the first formal review of this avifauna since Ernst Mayr's Checklist, published in 1941. This new book brings together all the systematic, taxonomic, and distributional research conducted on the region's bird families over the last 70 years. Bruce Beehler and Thane Pratt provide the scientific foundation for the names, geographic distributions, and systematic arrangement of New Guinea's bird fauna. All technical information is annotated and a geographic gazetteer and bibliography are included. This book is an ideal complement to the Birds of New Guinea field guide also published by Princeton, and is an essential technical reference for all scientific libraries, ornithologists, and those interested in bird classification. The first complete revision of the New Guinea bird fauna since 1941 Accounts for 75 bird species new to the region Includes a geographic gazetteer, bibliography, and explanations of taxonomic and systematic classifications
Research methods for postgraduates
Sub Judul / edited by Tony Greenfield with Sue Greener
Call Number 001.42 RES
Tahun Terbit 2016
Penerbit John Wiley & Sons
Pengarang - GREENFIELD, Tony
Subyek Knowledge
Deskripsi An indispensable reference for postgraduates, providing up to date guidance in all subject areas Methods for Postgraduates brings together guidance for postgraduate students on how to organise, plan and do research from an interdisciplinary perspective. In this new edition, the already wide-ranging coverage is enhanced by the addition of new chapters on social media, evaluating the research process, Kansei engineering and medical research reporting. The extensive updates also provide the latest guidance on issues relevant to postgraduates in all subject areas, from writing a proposal and securing research funds, to data analysis and the presentation of research, through to intellectual property protection and career opportunities. This thoroughly revised new edition provides: Clear and concise advice from distinguished international researchers on how to plan, organise and conduct research. New chapters explore social media in research, evaluate the research process, Kansei engineering and discuss the reporting of medical research. Check lists and diagrams throughout.
Solar engineering of thermal processes
Sub Judul / by John A. Duffie and William A. Beckman
Call Number 621.47 DUT
Tahun Terbit 2013
Penerbit John Wiley & Sons
Pengarang -
Subyek Applied physics
Deskripsi The updated fourth edition of the "bible" of solar energy theory and applications Over several editions, Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes has become a classic solar engineering text and reference. This revised Fourth Edition offers current coverage of solar energy theory, systems design, and applications in different market sectors along with an emphasis on solar system design and analysis using simulations to help readers translate theory into practice. An important resource for students of solar engineering, solar energy, and alternative energy as well as professionals working in the power and energy industry or related fields, Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes, Fourth Edition features: Increased coverage of leading-edge topics such as photovoltaics and the design of solar cells and heaters A brand-new chapter on applying CombiSys (a readymade TRNSYS simulation program available for free download) to simulate a solar heated house with solar- heated domestic hot water Additional simulation problems available through a companion website An extensive array of homework problems and exercises
Fundamentals of earthquake engineering from source to fragility
Sub Judul / by Amr S. Elnshai and Luigi Di Sarno
Call Number 624.1762 ELN
Tahun Terbit 2015
Penerbit John Wiley & Sons
Pengarang ELNSHAI, Amr S. - SARNO, Luidi Di
Subyek Civil engineering
Deskripsi Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering: From Source to Fragility, Second Edition combines aspects of engineering seismology, structural and geotechnical earthquake engineering to assemble the vital components required for a deep understanding of response of structures to earthquake ground motion, from the seismic source to the evaluation of actions and deformation required for design, and culminating with probabilistic fragility analysis that applies to individual as well as groups of buildings. Basic concepts for accounting for the effects of soil-structure interaction effects in seismic design and assessment are also provided in this second edition. The nature of earthquake risk assessment is inherently multi-disciplinary. Whereas this book addresses only structural safety assessment and design, the problem is cast in its appropriate context by relating structural damage states to societal consequences and expectations, through the fundamental response quantities of stiffness, strength and ductility. This new edition includes material on the nature of earthquake sources and mechanisms, various methods for the characterization of earthquake input motion, effects of soil-structure interaction, damage observed in reconnaissance missions, modeling of structures for the purposes of response simulation, definition of performance limit states, fragility relationships derivation, features and effects of underlying soil, structural and architectural systems for optimal seismic response, and action and deformation quantities suitable for design.
Handbook of paper and paperboard packaging technology
Sub Judul / edited by Mark J. Kirwan
Call Number 658.785 HAN
Tahun Terbit 2013
Penerbit Wiley-Blackwell
Pengarang - KIRWAN, Mark J.
Subyek General management
Deskripsi he definitive industry reference on the paper and paperboard packaging sector. Now in a fully revised and updated second edition, this book discusses all the main types of packaging based on paper and paperboard. It considers the raw materials, the manufacture of paper and paperboard, and the basic properties and features on which packaging made from these materials depends for its appearance and performance. The manufacture of twelve types of paper- and paperboard-based packaging is described, together with their end-use applications and the packaging machinery involved. The importance of pack design is stressed, as well as how these materials offer packaging designers opportunities for imaginative and innovative design solutions. Environmental factors, including resource sustainability, societal and waste management issues are addressed in a dedicated chapter. The book is directed at readers based in companies which manufacture packaging grades of paper and paperboard, companies involved in the design, printing and production of packaging, and companies which manufacture inks, coatings, adhesives and packaging machinery. It will be essential reading for students of packaging technology and technologists working in food manufacturing who are users of paper and paperboard packaging products.
The Glaze book: a visual catalogue of decorative ceramic glazes
Sub Judul / by Stephen Murfitt
Call Number 738.144 MUR
Tahun Terbit 2018
Penerbit Thames and Hudson
Pengarang MURFITT, Stephen -
Subyek Ceramic arts
Deskripsi Packed with information and glaze recipes, The Glaze Book will enable you to reference hundreds of ceramic surfaces. Each glaze recipe is clearly illustrated so you can see the colour and surface responses it has to offer, and features a description including its firing range, and the uses to which it can be put. The Glaze Book provides easily accessible help on - Methods and Techniques - Raw Materials - Glazing Tools and Equipment - Mixing a Glaze - Methods of Application - Glaze Recipes for Earthenware, Stoneware and Porcelain
FOOD processing: principles and applications
Sub Judul / edited by Stephanie Clark, Stephanie Jung, Buddhi Lamsal.
Call Number 664 FOO
Tahun Terbit 2012
Penerbit Wiley Blackwell
Pengarang - CLARK, Stephanie ; JUNG, Stephanie ; LAMSAL, Buddhi
Subyek Food technology ; Teknologi makanan
Deskripsi Food Processing: Principles and Applications second edition is the fully revised new edition of this best-selling food technology title.Advances in food processing continue to take place as food scientists and food engineers adapt to the challenges imposed by emerging pathogens, environmental concerns, shelf life, quality and safety, as well as the dietary needs and demands of humans. In addition to covering food processing principles that have long been essential to food quality and safety, this edition of Food Processing: Principles and Applications, unlike the former edition, covers microbial/enzyme inactivation kinetics, alternative food processing technologies as well as environmental and sustainability issues currently facing the food processing industry. The book is divided into two sections, the first focusing on principles of food processing and handling, and the second on processing technologies and applications. As a hands-on guide to the essential processing principles and their applications, covering the theoretical and applied aspects of food processing in one accessible volume, this book is a valuable tool for food industry professionals across all manufacturing sectors, and serves as a relevant primary or supplemental text for students of food science.
Land mosaics : the ecology of landscapes and regions
Sub Judul / by Richard T.T. Forman
Call Number 304.23 FOR
Tahun Terbit 2006
Penerbit Cambridge University Press
Pengarang FORMAN, Richard T.T. -
Subyek Factors affecting social behavior
Deskripsi Animals, plants, water, wind, materials and people flow at different rates, according to spatial patterns common to almost all landscapes and regions. This up-to-date synthesis explores the ecology of heterogeneous land areas, where natural processes and human activities spatially interact, to produce an ever changing mosaic. The subject has great relevance to today's society, and this book reflects the breadth of its importance; there are many ideas and applications for planning, conservation, design, management, sustainability and policy. Spatial solutions are provided for society's land-use objectives. An appealing book, with a highly-readable text on this major emerging field. Students and professionals alike will be drawn by the attractive and informative illustrations, the conceptual synthesis, the wide international perspective and the range of topics and research covered. Has examples of land management applications Many appealing photographs and figures Detailed state-of-the-art work on this up-and-coming subject
Sub Judul / edited by Jens Blauert.
Call Number 621.3828 COM
Tahun Terbit 2010
Penerbit Springer
Pengarang - BLAUERTM Jens
Subyek Acoustical communications--engineering ; Komunikasi akustik--Teknik
Deskripsi Communication Acoustics deals with the fundamentals of those areas of acoustics which are related to modern communication technologies. Due to the advent of digital signal processing and recording in acoustics, these areas have enjoyed an enormous upswing during the last 4 decades. The book chapters represent review articles covering the most relevant areas of the field. They are written with the goal of providing students with comprehensive introductions. Further they offer a supply of numerous references to the relevant literature. Besides its usefulness as a textbook, this will make the book a source of valuable information for those who want to improve or refresh their knowledge in the field of communication acoustics – and to work their way deeper into it. Due to its interdisciplinary character Communication Acoustics is bound to attract readers from many different areas, such as: acoustics, cognitive science, speech science, and communication technology.
The HISTORY of theoretical, material and computational mechanics-mathematics meets mechanics and engineering
Sub Judul / edited by Erwin Stein.
Call Number 620.1 HIS
Tahun Terbit 2014
Penerbit Springer
Pengarang - STEIN, Erwin
Subyek Mechanics--Mathematics--Data processing ; Mekanika--Matematika--Pengolahan data
Deskripsi This collection of 23 articles is the output of lectures in special sessions on “The History of Theoretical, Material and Computational Mechanics” within the yearly conferences of the GAMM in the years 2010 in Karlsruhe, Germany, 2011 in Graz, Austria, and in 2012 in Darmstadt, Germany; GAMM is the “Association for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics”, founded in 1922 by Ludwig Prandtl and Richard von Mises. The contributions in this volume discuss different aspects of mechanics. They are related to solid and fluid mechanics in general and to specific problems in these areas including the development of numerical solution techniques. In the first part the origins and developments of conservation principles in mechanics and related variational methods are treated together with challenging applications from the 17th to the 20th century. Part II treats general and more specific aspects of material theories of deforming solid continua and porous soils. and Part III presents important theoretical and engineering developments in fluid mechanics, beginning with remarkable inventions in old Egypt, the still dominating role of the Navier-Stokes PDEs for fluid flows and their complex solutions for a wide field of parameters as well as the invention of pumps and turbines in the 19th and 20th century. The last part gives a survey on the development of direct variational methods – the Finite Element Method – in the 20th century with many extensions and generalizations.
Green chemistry: laboratory manual for general chemistry
Sub Judul / by Sally A. Henrie.
Call Number 540.78 HEN
Tahun Terbit 2015
Penerbit CRC Press
Pengarang HENRIE, Sally A. -
Subyek Chemistry--Study and teaching (Higher education) ; Kimia--Belajar dan mengajar ( Perguruan tinggi)
Deskripsi Green chemistry involves designing novel ways to create and synthesize products and implement processes that will eliminate or greatly reduce negative environmental impacts. The Green Chemistry Laboratory Manual for General Chemistry provides educational laboratory materials?that challenge?students with the customary topics found in a general chemistry laboratory manual, while encouraging them to investigate the practice of green chemistry. Following a consistent format, each lab experiment begins with objectives and prelab questions highlighting important issues that must be understood prior to getting started. This is followed by detailed step-by-step procedures for performing the experiments. Students report specific results in sections designated for data, observations, and calculations. Once each experiment is completed, analysis questions test students’ comprehension of the results. Additional questions encourage inquiry-based investigations and further research about how green chemistry principles compare with traditional, more hazardous experimental methods. By placing the learned concepts within the larger context of green chemistry principles, the lab manual enables students to see how these principles can be applied to real-world issues. Performing laboratory exercises through green experiments results in a safer learning environment, limits the quantity of hazardous waste generated, and reduces the cost for chemicals and waste disposal. Students using this manual will gain a greater appreciation for green chemistry principles and the possibilities for future use in their chosen careers.
PLASTIC packaging: interactions with food and pharmaceuticals
Sub Judul / edited by Otto G. Piringer, Albert L. Baner.
Call Number 664.09 PLA
Tahun Terbit 2008
Penerbit Wiley VCH
Pengarang - PIRINGER, Otto G. ; BANER, Albert L.
Subyek Food--Packaging--Food technology ; Makanan--Pengepakan--Teknologi pangan
Deskripsi Plastics are the most important class of packaging materials. This successful handbook, now in its second edition, covers all important aspects of plastic packaging and the interdisciplinary knowledge needed by food chemists, pharmaceutical chemists, food technologists, materials scientists, process engineers, and product developers alike. This is an indispensable resource in the search for the optimal plastic packaging. Materials characteristics, additives and their effects, mass transport phenomena, quality assurance, and recent regulatory requirements from FDA and European Commission are covered in detail with ample data.