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We SHALL remain : techumseh's vision ; trail of tears

Sub Judul / directed by Chris Eyre.
No Panggil AC 791.43 SHA
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1 PP ITB Lt. 1 (Koleksi American Corner)
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Tipe Rekaman Audiovisual-DVD
Koleksi AC American Corner
Penerbit WGBH Educational Foundation
Tahun Terbit 2009
Kota Penerbit Boston
Deskripsi Techumseh's vision: In 1805, plains Indians in the Midwest were feeling the threat of westward expansion by white pioneers. Tecumseh, a member of the Shawnee tribe, used the growing worry of disparate tribes to bring them together into a confederacy with the common goal of saving their ancestral land. The dream of a separate Indian nation state would die along with Tecumseh when he was killed in battle in 1813 ; Trail of tears: For many years, the Cherokee nation sought to gain respect from the United States Government by adapting Western-style religion, government and education in the hopes of receiving recognition of their ancestral land as a sovereign nation. On May 26, 1838, the United States Government had troops forcibly remove members of the Cherokee tribe from their land in the Southeastern US to Oklahoma. More than 4,000 people would die of disease and starvation along the way of the Trail of Tears
Subjek Recreational and performing arts ; Hiburan dan seni pertunjukan
Kata Kunci Documentary films -- We shall remain : techumseh's vision, trail of tears ; Film dokumenter -- We shall remain : techumseh's vision, trail of tears
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Perolehan Hadiah (U.S. Embassy)
Kolasi 1 DVD ; 180 minutes