Basic ground-water hydrology.
Sub Judul / by Ralph C. Heath.
Call Number 551.49 HEA
Tahun Terbit 0000
Penerbit U.S Geological Survey
Pengarang HEATH, Ralph C. -
Subyek Geology, hydrology, meteorology
Numerical methods in biomedical engineering
Sub Judul / Stanley M. Dunn, Alkis Constantinides, dan Prabhas V. Moghe.
Call Number 610.28 DUN
Tahun Terbit 2006
Penerbit Elsevier
Pengarang DUNN, Stanley M. - CONSTANTINIDES, Alkis ; MOGHE, Prabhas V.
Subyek Auxiliary Techniques ; Teknik, Prosedur, Alat-alat, Perlengkapan, Bahan-bahan, Instrumentasi Medis
Deskripsi This book brings together the integrative set of computational problem solving tools important to biomedical engineers. Through the use of comprehensive homework exercises, relevant examples and extensive case studies, this book integrates principles and techniques of numerical analysis. Covering biomechanical phenomena and physiologic, cell and molecular systems, this is an essential tool for students and all those studying biomedical transport, biomedical thermodynamics & kinetics and biomechanics
HANDBOOK of wood chemistry and wood composites
Sub Judul / edited by Roger M. Rowell.
Call Number 620.12 HAN
Tahun Terbit 2013
Penerbit CRC Press
Pengarang - ROWELL, Roger M.
Subyek Wood ; Kayu
Deskripsi This book analyzes the chemical composition and physical properties of wood cellulose and its response to natural processes of degradation. It describes safe and effective chemical modifications to strengthen wood against biological, chemical, and mechanical degradation without using toxic, leachable, or corrosive chemicals. Expert researchers provide insightful analyses of the types of chemical modifications applied to polymer cell walls in wood
FERMENTATION effects on food properties
Sub Judul / edited by Bhavbhuti M. Mehta, Afaf Kamal-Eldin, and Robert Z. Iwanski.
Call Number 664.00157246 FER
Tahun Terbit 2012
Penerbit CRC Press
Pengarang - MEHTA, Bhavbhuti M. ; KAMAL-ELDIN, Afaf ; IWANSKI, Robert Z.
Subyek Food Technology ; Teknologi Pembuatan Makanan Komersial
Deskripsi This book explores the role of fermentation reactions in the chemical, functional, and sensory properties of food components as well as their effect on food component content and biological activity. Contains sample references to enhance further, more detailed exploration of this critical topic as we search for ways to enhance food quality for better health
HANDBOOK of food preservation
Sub Judul / edited by M. Shafiur Rahman.
Call Number 664.028 HAN
Tahun Terbit 2007
Penerbit CRC Press
Pengarang - RAHMAN, M. Shafiur
Subyek Food Technology ; Teknologi Pembuatan Makanan Komersial
Deskripsi This book remains the definitive resource on food preservation. It emphasizes practical, cost-effective, and safe-strategies for implementing preservation techniques and dissects the exact mode or mechanism involved in each method by highlighting the effects on food properties. Divided into five sections the book begins with an overview of food preservation and handling including fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and pulses, fish, red meat, and milk
Medical device design : innovation from concept to market
Sub Judul / Peter J. Ogrodnik.
Call Number 610.28 OGR
Tahun Terbit 2013
Penerbit Elsevier
Pengarang OGRODNIK, Peter J. -
Subyek Auxiliary Techniques ; Teknik, Prosedur, Alat-alat, Perlengkapan, Bahan-bahan, Instrumentasi Medis
Deskripsi This Handbook shows the essential methodologies medical designers must understand to ensure their products meet requirements. It brings together proven design protocols and puts them in an explicit medical context based on the author's years of academia (R&D phase) and industrial (commercialization phase) experience. This design methodology enables engineers and medical device manufacturers to bring new products to the marketplace rapidly
Geotechnical engineering in residual soils
Sub Judul / by Laurence D. Wesley
Call Number 624.151 WES
Tahun Terbit 2010
Penerbit John Wiley & Sons
Pengarang WESLEY, Laurence D. -
Subyek Civil engineering
Foundations of aerodynamics : bases of aerodynamics design
Sub Judul / Arnold M. Kuethe and Chuen-Yen Chow.
Call Number 629.1323 KUE
Tahun Terbit 1998
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang KUETHE, Arnold M. - CHUEN-YEN, Chow
Subyek Aeronautics ; Aeronautika
Deskripsi This book has retained it's excellent coverage of basic concepts and broad coverage of the major aspects of aerodynamics. Numerical techniques are described for computing invicid incompressible flow about airfoils and finite wings. Plus, the design of devices and aircraft components that were constructed from theoretical considerations are shown so readers can see the realistic applications of mathematical analyses
NANOCELLULOSE polymer nanocomposites : fundamentals and applications
Sub Judul / edited by Vijay Kumar Thakur.
Call Number 572.56682 NAN
Tahun Terbit 2015
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang - THAKUR, Vijay Kumar
Subyek Proteins ; Protein
Deskripsi This book summarizes the recent remarkable achievements witnessed in green technology of cellulose based nanomaterials in different ?elds ranging from biomedical to automotive. And also discusses the extensive research developments for next generation nanocellulose-based polymer nanocomposites
MEDICINAL chemistry approaches to personalized medicine, volume 59
Sub Judul / edited by Karen Lackey and Bruce Roth.
Call Number 615.19 MED
Tahun Terbit 2014
Penerbit Wiley-VCH
Pengarang - LACKEY, Karen ; ROTH, Bruce
Subyek Medical Chemistry ; Kimia Kedokteran, Kimia Kesehatan
Transport phenomena
Sub Judul / R. Byron Bird, Warren E. Stewart, and Edwin N. Lightfoot.
Call Number 530.138 BIR
Tahun Terbit 2007
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang BIRD, R. Byron - STEWART, Warren E. ; LIGHTFOOT, Edwin N.
Subyek Statistical Mechanics ; Mekanika Statistikal
Deskripsi This book has been revised to include deeper and more extensive coverage of heat transfer, enlarged discussion of dimensional analysis, a new chapter on flow of polymers, systematic discussions of convective momentum,and energy. Topics also include mass transport, momentum transport and energy transport, which are presented at three different scales: molecular, microscopic and macroscopic
Qualitative research methods : collecting evidence, crafting analysis, communicating impact
Sub Judul / Sarah J. Tracy.
Call Number 001.42 TRA
Tahun Terbit 2013
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang TRACY, Sarah J. -
Subyek Reseach Methods ; Metode Riset
Deskripsi This book provides a detailed step-by-step explanation of qualitative data gathering, analysis, and writing, and provides the approach to evaluating qualitative quality. It is designed to provide enough methodological details to be helpful to graduate students and advanced scholars, and is a comprehensive resource for the theoretical undergrounds and practical conduct of methodology
Real world research
Sub Judul / Collin Robson and Kieran McCartan.
Call Number 300.72 ROB
Tahun Terbit 2016
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang ROBSON, Collin - MCCARTAN, Kieran
Subyek Social sciences ; Ilmu Sosial
Deskripsi This book provides a clear route-map of the various steps needed to carry out a piece of applied research to a high professional standard. It is accessible to those without a social science background while providing rigorous and fully up-to-date coverage of contemporary issues and debates
Reservoir geomechanics
Sub Judul / Mark D. Zoback.
Call Number 622.3382 ZOB
Tahun Terbit 2010
Penerbit Cambridge University Press
Pengarang ZOBACK, Mark D. -
Subyek Mining for Specific Materials ; Jenis Pertambangan Tertentu
Deskripsi This book encompasses the fields of rock mechanics, structural geology and petroleum engineering to address a wide range of geomechanical problems that arise during the exploitation of oil and gas reservoirs. It considers key practical issues such as prediction of pore pressure, estimation of hydrocarbon column heights and fault seal potential, determination of optimally stable well trajectories, casing set points and mud weights, changes in reservoir performance during depletion, and production-induced faulting and subsidence
The VISUAL culture reader
Sub Judul / edited by Nicholas Mirzoeff.
Call Number 306.47 VIS
Tahun Terbit 2013
Penerbit Routledge
Pengarang - MIRZOEFF, Nicholas
Subyek Specific Aspect of Culture ; Aspek Spesifik tentang Budaya dan Kebudayaan
Deskripsi This revised and updated third edition highlights the transformed and expanded nature of globalized visual cultures. It assembles key new writings, visual essays and specially commissioned articles, emphasizing the intersections of the Web 2.0, digital cultures, globalization, visual arts and media, and the visualizations of war. The volume attests to the maturity and exciting development of this cutting-edge field
Manufacturing of pharmaceutical proteins : from technology to economy
Sub Judul / Stefan Behme.
Call Number 615.19 BEH
Tahun Terbit 2015
Penerbit Wiley-VCH
Pengarang BEHME, Stefan -
Subyek Medical Chemistry ; Kimia Kedokteran, Kimia Kesehatan
Deskripsi The second edition of this reference work covers all aspects of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, including legal and regulatory issues, quality assurance, production facility design, as well as investment and production cost calculation. It combines these aspects into an holistic view of production concepts, enabling the reader to understand the overall picture of the multidisciplinary factors influencing biopharmaceutical production
MATERIALS for low-temperature fuel cells
Sub Judul / edited by Bradley Ladewig, San P. Jiang, and Yushan Yan.
Call Number 621.312429 MAT
Tahun Terbit 2015
Penerbit Wiley-VCH
Pengarang - LADEWIG, Bradley ; JIANG, San P. ; YAN, Yushan
Subyek Generation, Modification, Storage ; Pembangkit, Modifikasi, Penyimpanan Tenaga Listrik
Deskripsi This book is an essential reference source for researchers, engineers and technicians in academia, research institutes and industry working in the fields of fuel cells, energy materials, electrochemistry and materials science and engineering. This is a concise source of the most important and key materials and catalysts in low-temperature fuel cells. A related book (Materials for High-Temperature Fuel Cells) covers key materials in high-temperature fuel cells
ORGANIC synthesis and molecular engineering
Sub Judul / edited by Mogens Brondsted Nielsen.
Call Number 547.13 ORG
Tahun Terbit 2014
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang - NIELSEN, Mogens Brondsted
Subyek Organic chemistry ; Kimia organik
Deskripsi This book explores applications in both materials and bioorganic chemistry, including molecular electronics, energy storage, sensors, nanomedicine, and enzyme engineering. Each one contributed by one or more leading international experts in the field. The contributions are based on a thorough review and analysis of the current literature as well as the authors' firsthand experience in the lab engineering new organic molecules
Organic mechanisms : reactions, methodology, and biological applications
Sub Judul / Xiaoping Sun.
Call Number 547.139 XIA
Tahun Terbit 2013
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang XIAOPING, Sun -
Subyek Organic chemistry ; Kimia organik
Deskripsi This book consists of ten chapters, beginning with a review of fundamental physicochemical principles that are essential for understanding the nature of organic mechanisms. Each one of the remaining chapters is devoted to a major class of organic reactions
Medical pharmacology at a glance
Sub Judul / Michael J. Neal.
Call Number 615.1 NEA
Tahun Terbit 2016
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang NEAL, Michael J. -
Subyek Drugs, Medicine, Materia Medica ; Obat-obatan, Materi Medika
Deskripsi This eight edition has been extensively updated, especially in the areas of anaesthetics, drugs used in AIDs, cardiovascular drugs, drugs used in anxiety, depression and schizophrenia, urological drugs, drug metabolism, as well as practical concerns such as drug indications and side effects