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RACE for the white house : America's most exciting presidential election games

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No Panggil AC 795.4 RAC
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1 PP ITB Lt. 1 (Koleksi American Corner)
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Tipe Permainan
Koleksi AC American Corner
Penerbit Robert S. Baker
Tahun Terbit 2004
Kota Penerbit Michigan
Deskripsi You don't have to be a Political Junkie, Consultant or, Pundit to love this game. In fact, average and apolitical Americans love playing it just as much. With just the right mixture of skill and luck (this is politics, after all), and with every roll of the dice, you'll find yourself increasingly caught up in the excitement of a hard-fought Presidential contest that goes down to the wire. Ages 12 to Adult ; 2-4 Players
Subjek Games of chance
Kata Kunci Card games, board games ; Permainan kartu, permainan papan
Referensi Tidak
Perolehan Hadiah (U.S. Embassy)
Kolasi 1 set game