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Sub Judul / directed by Spike Lee.
No Panggil AC 791.4372 CHI
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1 PP ITB Lt. 1 (Koleksi American Corner)
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Tipe Rekaman Audiovisual-DVD
Koleksi AC American Corner
Penerbit Lions Gate Entertainment
Tahun Terbit 2016
Kota Penerbit Santa Monica, CA
Deskripsi In Chicago's Southside, a war rages between two rival gangs: the Spartans, led by rapper/gang leader Demetrius nicknamed "Chi-Raq", and the Trojans, led by gang lord Cyclops. Demetrius's lover, Lysistrata, grows disillusioned after several outbursts of violence strike near her, including a shootout at Demetrius's concert, an arson attack at their home while the two are having sex, and a young girl being accidentally killed in a gang shooting. Lysistrata moves in after the fire with Miss Helen Worthy, a well-read non-violence advocate who suggests she research about Leymah Gbowee, who led a peace movement to stop Second Liberian Civil War and threatened a sex strike. Inspired by Worthy and Gbowee, Lysistrata organizes a meeting between herself, the Spartans' lovers, and the Trojans' lovers, where they agree to withhold sex from their men until the men agree to lay down arms
Subjek Recreational and performing arts ; Hiburan dan seni pertunjukan
Kata Kunci Motion picture plays -- single films -- Chi-Raq
Referensi Tidak
Perolehan Hadiah (U.S. Embassy)
Kolasi 1 DVD ; 127 minutes