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Varieties of integration

Sub Judul / C. Ray Rosentrater.
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Seri Dolciani Mathematical Expositions
Pengarang ROSENTRATER, C. Ray ;
Penerbit The Mathematical Association of America
Tahun Terbit 2015
Kota Penerbit Washington, DC
Deskripsi This book explores the critical contributions by Riemann, Darboux, Lebesgue, Henstock, Kurzweil, and Stieltjes to the theory of integration and provides a glimpse of more recent variations of the integral such as those involving operator-valued measures. By the first year of graduate school, a young mathematician will have encountered at least three separate definitions of the integral
ISBN ISBN-13: 9780883853597
Subjek Integral Calculus and Integral Equations ; Kalkulus Integral dan Persamaan Integral
Kata Kunci Calculus, Integral ; Kalkulus, integral
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Perolehan Beli (BPNBP 2016-FMIPA-MA-507)
Catatan xv, 325 halaman : gambar ; 24 cm.