Flow in open channels
Sub Judul / by K. Subramanya.
Call Number 620.106 SUB
Tahun Terbit 2009
Penerbit Tata McGraw-Hill
Pengarang SUBRAMAYA, K. -
Subyek Engineering and allied operations
Energy storage in power systems
Sub Judul / by Francisco Diaz-Gonzales, Andreas Sumper, Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt.
Call Number 621.3126 DIA
Tahun Terbit 2016
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang DIAZ-GONZALES, Francisco - SUMPER, Andreas ; GOMIS-BELLMUNT, Oriol
Subyek Electric power systems-reliability ; Sistem tenaga listrik-kehandalan
Deskripsi Over the last century, energy storage systems (ESSs) have continued to evolve and adapt to changing energy requirements and technological advances. Energy Storage in Power Systems describes the essential principles needed to understand the role of ESSs in modern electrical power systems, highlighting their application for the grid integration of renewable-based generation.
Gas-insulated transmission lines (GIL)
Sub Judul / by Hermann Koch.
Call Number 621.319234 KOC
Tahun Terbit 2012
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang KOCH, Hermann -
Subyek Electric cables--gas insulated ; Kabel listrik - terisolasi gas
Deskripsi Gas-insulated transmission lines (GIL) is an established high voltage technology used when environmental or structural considerations restrict the use of overhead transmission lines. With an overview on the technical, economical and environmental impact and power system implications of GIL, this guide provides a complete understanding of its physical design, features and advantages. The author illustrates how to evaluate when GIL would be the best solution during the planning sequence and how to apply GIL in the electricity power network.
The Toyota way : 14 prinsip manajemen dari perusahaan manufaktur terhebat di dunia
Sub Judul / oleh Jeffrey K. Liker ; alih bahasa Gina Gania, Bob Sabran.
Call Number 658.5 LIK
Tahun Terbit 2006
Penerbit Erlangga
Pengarang LIKER, Jeffrey K. - Gina Gania, Bob Sabran
Subyek Industrial management ; Manajemen industri
Deskripsi Dewasa ini, perusahaan di seluruh dunia berupaya mengimplementasikan sistem radikan Toyota untuk mempercepat proses, mengurangi pemborosan, dan meningkatkan kualitas. Namun, apakah mereka sudah menjangkau fondasi yang sebenarnya dari kesuksesan Toyota dan bukan hanya sekadar mempraktikkan perangkat dan teknik lean yang ada di permukaan saja? The Toyota Way menjelaskan pendekatan unik Toyota dalam manajemen lean 14 prinsip yang menjiwai kualitas dan budaya Toyota yang sangat mendewakan efisiensi. Anda akan memperoleh wawasan berharga yang dapat diterapkan ke dalam oganisasi apapun dan dalam proses bisnis manapun, pada bidang jasa maupun manufaktur. Anda akan menemukan bahwa kombinasi yang tepat dari filosofi jangka panjang, proses, para karyawan, dan pemecahan masalah dapat mengubah organisasi Anda menjadi perusahaan lean yang selalu belajar Toyota Way. Buku ini akan membuat Anda paham akan apa yang membuat Toyota sukses dan memberikan sejumlah gagasan praktis yang dapat Anda gunakan untuk mengembangkan pendekatan Anda sendiri terhadap bisnis.
Aerodynamics for engineers
Sub Judul / by John J. Bertin, Russell M. Cummings.
Call Number 629.1323 BER
Tahun Terbit 2014
Penerbit Pearson Education
Pengarang BERTIN, John J. - CUMMINGS, Russell M.
Subyek Aerospace engineering ; Teknik dirgantara
Deskripsi Revised to reflect the technological advances and modern application in Aerodynamics, the Sixth Edition of Aerodynamics for Engineers merges fundamental fluid mechanics, experimental techniques, and computational fluid dynamics techniques to build a solid foundation for students in aerodynamic applications from low-speed through hypersonic flight. It presents a background discussion of each topic followed by a presentation of the theory, and then derives fundamental equations, applies them to simple computational techniques, and compares them to experimental data.
Principles and prevention of corrosion
Sub Judul / by Denny A. Jones.
Call Number 620.11223 JON
Tahun Terbit 2014
Penerbit Pearson Education
Pengarang JONES, Denny A. -
Subyek Corrosion ; Korosi
Deskripsi Comprehensive in approach, this text explores the scientific principles and methods that underlie the cause, detection, measurement, and prevention of many metal corrosion problems in engineering practice. Most chapters progress from qualitative, descriptive sections (including methods of prevention and testing), to more quantitative sections (involving metallurgy and electrochemistry), and finally to sections on current research developments in the chapter topic.
Project management for engineering and construction
Sub Judul / by Garold D. Oberlender.
Call Number 658.404 OBE
Tahun Terbit 2015
Penerbit McGraw-Hill Education
Pengarang OBERLENDER, Garold D. -
Subyek General management
Deskripsi The latest, most effective engineering and construction project management strategies. Fully revised throughout, this up-to-date guide presents the principles and techniques of managing engineering and construction projects from the initial conceptual phase, through design and construction, to completion. The book emphasizes project management during the beginning stages of project development to influence the quality, cost, and schedule of a project as early in the process as possible
Modern control systems
Sub Judul / by Richard C. Dorf, Robert H. Bishop.
Call Number 629.83 DOR
Tahun Terbit 2017
Penerbit Pearson Education
Pengarang DORF, Richard C. - BISHOP, Robert H.
Subyek Control systems ; Sistem kontrol
Deskripsi The Thirteenth Edition continues to explore the role of and need for automated and precise control systems in green engineering. Key examples of green engineering, such as wind turbine control and the modeling of a photovoltaic generator to achieve maximum power delivery, are discussed in detail. The text is organized around the concept of control systems theory in the context of frequency and time domains. Written to be equally useful for all engineering disciplines, it covers topics such as classical control, employing root locus design, frequency and response design using Bode and Nyquist plots.
Fundamentals of internal combustion engines
Sub Judul / by H.N. Gupta.
Call Number 621.43 GUP
Tahun Terbit 2013
Penerbit PHI Learning
Pengarang GUPTA, H.N. -
Subyek Internal-combustion engines ; Mesin pembakaran internal
Fluid mechanics with engineering applications
Sub Judul / by E. John Finnemore and Joseph B. Franzini.
Call Number 620.106 FIN
Tahun Terbit 2009
Penerbit McGraw-Hill Education
Pengarang FINNEMORE, E. John - FRANZINI, Joseph B.
Subyek Fluid mechanics ; Mekanika fluida
Deskripsi This book is well known and well respected in the civil engineering market and has a following among civil engineers. This book is for civil engineers that teach fluid mechanics both within their discipline and as a service course to mechanical engineering students. As with all previous editions this 10th edition is extraordinarily accurate, and its coverage of open channel flow and transport is superior. There is a broader coverage of all topics in this edition of Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Applications. Furthermore, this edition has numerous computer-related problems that can be solved in Matlab and Mathcad.
Fisika dasar, jilid 3
Sub Judul oleh David Halliday, Robert Resnick dan Jearl Walker ; penerjemah Alamta Singarimbun, Euis Rustini.
Call Number 530 HAL
Tahun Terbit 2010
Penerbit Erlangga
Pengarang HALLIDAY, David - RESNICK, Robert ; WALKER, Jearl ; Alamta Singarimbun ; Euis Rustini
Subyek Physics ; Fisika
Fluid mechanics
Sub Judul / by R.C. Hibbeler ; SI conversion by Kai Beng Yap.
Call Number 620.106 HIB
Tahun Terbit 2017
Penerbit Pearson Education
Pengarang HIBBELER, R.C. - KAI, Beng Yap
Subyek Fluid mechanics ; Mekanika fluida
Deskripsi Fluid Mechanics provides a comprehensive and well-illustrated introduction to the theory and application of Fluid Mechanics. The text presents a commitment to the development of student problem-solving skills and features many of the same pedagogical aids unique to Hibbeler texts.
Power system analysis & design
Sub Judul by J. Duncan Glover, Thomas J. Overbye, Mulukutla S. Sarma
Call Number 621.319 GLO
Tahun Terbit 2017
Penerbit Cengage Learning
Pengarang GLOVER, J. Duncan - OVERBYE, Thomas J. ; SARMA, Mulukutla S.
Subyek Electric power systems ; Sistem tenaga listrik
Deskripsi Introduce the basic concepts of power systems as well as the tools students need to apply these skills to real world situations with POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN, 6E. This new edition highlights physical concepts while also giving necessary attention to mathematical techniques. The authors develop both theory and modeling from simple beginnings so students are prepared to readily extend these principles to new and complex situations. Software tools including PowerWorld Simulation, and the latest content throughout this edition aid students with design issues while reflecting the most recent trends in the field.
Integrated circuit design
Sub Judul / by Neil H. E. Weste, David Money Harris.
Call Number 621.395 WES
Tahun Terbit 2011
Penerbit Pearson Education
Pengarang WESTE, Neil H.E. - HARRIS, David Money
Subyek Circuits-computer engineering ; Sirkuit--teknik komputer
Deskripsi CMOS VLSI Design: A Circuits and Systems perspective presents broad and in-depth coverage of the entire field of modern CMOS VLSI Design. The authors draw upon extensive industry and classroom experience to introduce today's most advanced and effective chip design practices. They present extensively updated coverage of every key element of VLSI design, and illuminate the latest design challenges with 65 nm process examples. This book contains unsurpassed circuit-level coverage, as well as a rich set of problems and worked examples that provide deep practical insight to readers at all levels.
Fundamentals of thermal-fluid sciences
Sub Judul / by Yunus A. Cengel, Robert H. Turner, John M. Cimbala.
Call Number 621.402 CEN
Tahun Terbit 2008
Penerbit McGraw-Hill Education
Pengarang CENGEL, Yunus A. - TURNER, Robert H. ; CIMBALA, John M.
Subyek Heat transfer ; Perpindahan panas
Deskripsi Fundamentals of Thermal-Fluid Sciences presents a balanced coverage of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer packaged in a manner suitable for use in introductory thermal sciences courses. By emphasizing the physics and underlying physical phenomena involved, the text gives students practical examples that allow development of an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of thermal sciences. All the popular features of the previous edition are retained in this edition while new ones are added. New To This Edition €¢Learning ObjectivesEach chapter now begins with an overview of the material to be covered and chapter-specific learning objectives to introduce the material and to set goals. €¢An Early Introduction to the First Law of Thermodynamics(Chapter 2) established a general understanding of energy, mechanisms of energy transfer, and the concept of energy balance, thermo-economics, and conversion efficiency. €¢Separate Coverage Of Closed System And Control Volume Energy AnalysesThe energy analysis of closed systems is now presented in a separate chapter (Chapter 5), and the conservation of mass is covered together with conservation of energy in another chapter (Chapter 6). €¢A New Chapter On Fluid KinematicsThe all new Chapter 11 covers topics related to fluid kinematics, such as the Lagrangian and Eulerian descriptions of fluid flows, flow patterns, and flow visualization. €¢ Updated Steam and Refrigerant-134a Tables The steam and refrigerant-134a tables are updated using the most current property data from EES. Students will now get the same result when solving problems whether they use properties from EES or property tables in the Appendices. Media Resources €¢ Limited Academic Version of EES with selected text solutions packaged with the text on the Student DVD. €¢ Full Academic Version of ESS Engine free to educational institutions who adopt this text. €¢ Websitewww.mhhe.com/cengeloffers online resources for instructors including PowerPoint® lecture slides, and complete solutions to homework problems.
Water-resources engineering
Sub Judul / by David A. Chin.
Call Number 627 CHI
Tahun Terbit 2013
Penerbit Pearson Education
Pengarang CHIN, David A. -
Subyek Water resources--engineering ; Sumber air--engineering
Deskripsi ater-Resources Engineering provides comprehensive coverage of hydraulics, hydrology, and water-resources planning and management. Presented from first principles, the material is rigorous, relevant to the practice of water resources engineering, and reinforced by detailed presentations of design applications. Prior knowledge of fluid mechanics and calculus (up to differential equations) is assumed.
Systems engineering and analysis
Sub Judul / by Benjamin S. Blanchard and Wolter J. Fabrycky.
Call Number 620.0011 BLA
Tahun Terbit 2014
Penerbit Pearson
Pengarang BLANCHARD, Benjamin S. - FABRYCKY, Wolter J.
Subyek Engineering ; Rekayasa
Deskripsi This practical introduction to systems engineering and analysis provides the concepts, methodologies, models, and tools needed to understand and implement a total life-cycle approach to systems and their analysis
Programmable logic controllers
Sub Judul / by Frank D. Petruzella.
Call Number 629.895 PET
Tahun Terbit 2011
Penerbit McGraw-Hill
Pengarang PETRUZELLA, Frank D. -
Subyek Programmable controllers ; Pengontrol program
Deskripsi This fourth edition of Programmable Logic Controllers continues to provide an up-to-date introduction to all aspects of PLC programming, installation, and maintaining procedures. No previous knowledge of PLC systems or programming is assumed. As one reviewer of this edition put it "I honestly believe that someone with little or no background to PLC systems could take this book and teach themselves PLCs.
The Science and engineering of materials
Sub Judul / by Donald R. Askeland, Wendelin J. Wright.
Call Number 620.11 AKS
Tahun Terbit 2016
Penerbit Cengage Learning
Pengarang ASKELAND, Donald R. - WRIGHT, Wendelin J.
Subyek Material engineering ; Teknik Material
Deskripsi This updated Seventh Edition of THE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING OF MATERIALS helps you to develop an understanding of the relationship between structure, processing, and properties of materials. Because the book has more material than is needed for a one-semester course, you will also have a useful reference for subsequent courses in manufacturing, materials, design, or materials selection. The Askeland text emphasizes a science-based approach to materials engineering that highlights how the structure of materials at various length scales gives rise to materials properties. This connection between structure and properties is key to innovating with materials, both in the synthesis of new materials and enabling new applications with existing materials. The science-based approach highlights how materials change with time and due to loading and environment - a key concept that is often overlooked when using charts and databases to select materials.
An INTRODUCTION to the mechanics of solids (in SI units)
Sub Judul / by Stephen H. Crandall, Norman C. Dahl, Thomas J. Lardner, and M.S. Sivakumar.
Call Number 620.105 INT
Tahun Terbit 2013
Penerbit McGraw-Hill
Pengarang CRANDALL, Stephen H. - DAHL, Norman C. ; LARDNER, Thomas J. ; SIVAKUMAR, M.S.
Subyek Engineering ; Rekayasa
Deskripsi This text is based on the understanding and application of three fundamental physical considerations which govern the mechanics of solids in equilibrium. All the discussion and theoretical development is explicitly related to these three basic considerations. This approach brings in unity to an elementary presentation of the subject