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A geoscientist's guide to petrophysics

Sub Judul / B. Zinszner and F.M. Pellerin.
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Tipe Buku Bacaan Pendukung
Koleksi Koleksi Mingguan
Seri IFP Publications
Penerbit Editions Technip
Tahun Terbit 2007
Kota Penerbit Paris
Deskripsi The book is divided into two sections of different size:The first section (by far the largest) describes the various petrophysical properties of rocks. Each property is defined, limiting the mathematical formulation to the strict minimum but emphasising the geometrical and therefore petrological parameters governing this property. The second section concentrates on methodological problems and concerns, above all, the representativeness of the measurements and the size effects
ISBN ISBN-13: 9782710808992 [paperback]
Subjek Petrology ; Petrologi
Kata Kunci Petrology, geophysics, rocks ; Petrologi, geofisika, batuan
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Perolehan Beli (BPNBP 2016-FMIPA-S1-3)
Catatan xxi, 384 halaman : gambar, tabel ; 24 cm.